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Welcome to my Hobbies Blog

Hey there everyone! My name is Simon and this is my hobbies and leisure blog. I work as a camp activities director for my cities season wide community centre, meaning that it is literally my job to come up with a bunch of different hobbies to introduce people to. I think that I do a pretty good job, I always seem to have full sign up sheets whether it is for the local kids or crafts night at the seniors centre. This doesn’t mean that the only hobbies I am interested are one that can be done with toddlers or the elderly though. In my life I have tried skydiving, white water rafting, ice climbing, caving, and so much more. I could honestly say that I could write a book and it would be literally the most interesting thing you read all year.
Follow me on this journey to see what hidden hobbies you would enjoy if only you gave them a chance. I want to highlight a hobby that I think would be new to the average person once a week, and other than that I have no structure at all! So buckle up, this might get a little rocky!