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Games with Gold March

Hey there all you bored people! Welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog, super happy to be writing this for you all today. I assume that some of you like to pass the time by playing some video games? And if would be fair to assume that around 30% of you that play games (maybe more) are Xbox gamers? I know I am, so I really don’t care if you guys are or not. I just care about the new list of free games this month, through Microsoft’s Games with Gold program. For those unfamiliar with the program, it gives all Xbox Live Gold members the ability to download between 4 and 6 free games a month, 2 for the Xbox 360 console and between 2 and four for the newer Xbox One console. A gold membership is required to play online on Xbox Live, so the program is seen as a little extra giveback form Microsoft.

This month Xbox 360 games finally get the smash hit Borderlands 2, a game that normally costs $20 on the Xbox marketplace. The game is also backwards compatible, which means that Xbox One owners can download the game from the Xbox One marketplace for free as well. Borderlands 2 will be available for the first half of the month, before being replaced with the classic Xbox Arcade title Heavy Weapon. This game is listed at $9.99 on the marketplace, but between March 16th and 31st will be available free of charge for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners.

For Xbox One owners, Layers of Fear will be available for zero cost during the entirety of the month. After the 15th Evolve will be available which is a must grab to avoid its $40 price tag.

Any of these games interest you Xbox gamers, or make you PC gamers consider switching? Let me know how your thoughts in the comments below, and make sure to come back next week for a surprise post!