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Card Games

Hey everyone, welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. Simon here again and this time, I have some games to play with you! Card games that is! The other day I was hanging out with some friends and my partner when we wanted to play card games. The only issue was that none of us are from the same country so we all had slightly different card games that we would typically play when we were younger. We should have been able to teach each other out respective games, but unfortunately none of us knew our game well enough to teach the others!

We ended up playing a very bad game of Go Fish for a while, which is a simple game about matching cards by asking the other players if they have them. The game is something that is supposed to be really easy and is usually played in children’s classes, but I must have not remember the rules properly because it was actually to easy for us.

We then ended up playing a couple hands of Texas hold em poker, but without having any chips we used a second deck of cards and played for the next round. I made the dummy mistake of raising my girlfriend out of the game thinking I would be able to clean the table, but I didn’t and instead just got in trouble. Oh the life of a gambler.

What are your guys’s favourite card games, and can you remember it well enough to teach it to a crowd of people? Next time you are in a group with other and nothing to do give it a go! You might be surprised with how much (or how little you know)! See you all again soon!

deck of playing cards